Registration of an AVSA Standard Show and Applying for the Standard Show Award (SSA)

When registering an AVSA Standard Show, ensure that you select the SSA Packet, whether or not you need any Collection Rosettes.

In addition to the SSA Packet, rosettes must be specific as to which is needed for the AVSA Collection Classes

  • Standard
  • Mini-Semi
  • Species

They can be a mix of color and size, all same price. 

If you have unawarded rosettes from a previous show, then order just what you need for your upcoming show.  If your schedule includes classes for AVSA Collections in a Commercial Division, don't forget to include these rosettes in your order.

Gold Rosette - Standard


Purple Rosette - Standard


Gold Rosette - Mini / Semi-Miniature


Purple Rosette - Mini / Semi-Miniature


Gold Rosette - Species


Purple Rosette - Species


SSA Packet

Affiliate Show Registration Fee