2017 - Gateway to the Tropics (USB)

2017 - Gateway to the Tropics (USB)
This media has interviews and photos from the AVSA National Convention in Orlando, FL which took place from May 28 to June 4, 2017. The media will make great program material for several club meetings or will serve as a personal record of the convention. If you were not able to attend this year's Convention and Show the DVD (or the USB Thumb Drive) will serve to show you all the highlights complete with expert narration of the winning plants and designs. See interviews with the best growers in the country including an interview with a First Time convention attendee. The DVD includes interviews with the winning horticulture winners as well as a section of new introductions.

The 2017 Show Schedule is available from the AVSA website at AVSA 2017 Orlando Convention as a guide to your DVD viewing.

The AVSA Library Committee also offers the 2017 AVSA Convention and Show on a USB memory stick sometimes referred to as a "thumb drive" or "flash drive". This USB memory stick is the same price as the DVD version and has the same content.

Produced by Phil Wallace, narrated by Richard Nicholas. Photography and program by the AVSA Library Committee.
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