Growing To Show (Revised 2008)

Growing To Show (Revised 2008)
How to grow prize-winning African violets.

Pauline Bartholomew, grower of prize-winning show plants and experienced show judge, wrote and illustrated the first Growing To Show in 1985. Since then it has been reprinted several times, with only minor additions. In 2003 Pauline gave AVSA all rights to this book, and we have done our best to preserve her wisdom and guidance as we bring Growing to Show up to date. Pauline’s illustrated “how-to” steps and detailed writing cover every aspect of culture. Much of the original text has not changed, but new research and new products have added to our knowledge, and we have added information on blossom and foliage types, water quality and watering methods, pH testing, pesticides, light options, Saintpaulia species, the new taxonomy, and growing and showing miniatures and semiminiatures.

Note to beginning growers: Welcome! This book is for you, too. Although the title is Growing To Show, it is an excellent resource for everyone who loves African violets and wishes to nurture them to their prime condition including experienced growers who have grown and shown award-winning African violets for many years.
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