African Violets - Growing the Small Ones

African Violets - Growing the Small Ones
WEBINAR by Andrea Worrell

Andrea Worrell, an award-winning grower of miniature and semi-miniature African violets, has created a presentation with colorful photos as a guide to help you grow the small ones. Learn about pot sizes, soil, watering, and fertilizer. Andrea also discusses temperature, lights, and disbudding, and she demonstrates how to repot plants and deal with plants with long “necks”. She also guides the viewer on what judges look for when judging at shows.

You will see photos of miniature and semi-miniature African violets and a short video while you hear Andrea give instructions and guidance. This program is 30 minutes with over 60 photos, perfect for showing as a program for your local group. It is also a fantastic reference for you to have in your computer and refer to it over and over again. You’ll be inspired to grow the small ones whether for your own pleasure or for shows.

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